Defining Legal Ops Career Path Project

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this project is to create a defined career path for legal operations professionals in order to create a market standard role structure and pay bands.

Key Goals

  • Create a market standard career structure for legal operations professionals
  • Make the legal operations career a visible alternative to practising law


  • What the market considers a legal operations professional to be
  • What the market considers the standard role structure in each setting to be
  • What skills are required to fulfil these roles and assess gaps in sources of training
  • What the market considers fair pay bands for each role to be

How we will run the project

This is an all-inclusive project that will absorb viewpoints from legal operations professionals in various settings, including within law firms, in-house or in consultancies.

The project will be managed by Marc May, with support from Emma Sorrell and Alex Herrity. It will also be supported by others that are able to facilitate discussion from different disciplines within the legal operations space. The kick off slides above provide more detail on how the project will be run.

Who can get involved?

This is a collaborative project and any legal operations professional is welcome to join. There are currently around 80 legal operations professionals from law firms, in-house or consultancies around the world currently participating.


If you’d like to get involved with the project or have questions about it please direct them to Marc May here.

Project Updates