Networking and Mentoring


We believe networking is important for career development. More so, if you happen to be a single legal operations person in your organisation. Networking gives the opportunity to knowledge share with peers and potentially opens the door to future job opportunities.

We also believe that networks on specific areas of legal ops can be the foundation for agreed standards and white papers that push the space forward.

This is for members only. If not yet a member please visit here to become a member.

    All our networks have an ‘English Pub’ style naming convention:

    • The Square Brackets (for document automation people)
    • The Brain Trust (for KM people)
    • The Shield (for Data Protection people)
    • The Circle (for CLM people)
    • The Needle in a Haystack (for eDiscovery people)
    • The Purse String (for Spend Management people)
    • The Leaky Workflow (for Process Optimisation people)
    • The Waterfall (for LPM people) 


    We also manage a mentoring service which allows those that would like to mentor and those who would like to be mentored to connect. We believe it is important to have someone independent you can discuss career choices with if you need to. 

    If you’d like to be a mentor or a mentee then please do fill out and submit the form with your details. We will get in touch with you when we’ve found a suitable match for you!

    There are three levels of mentoring:

    • To support those trying to break into legal ops
    • To support junior legal ops professionals advance to senior/management roles
    • To support legal ops managers advance to executive roles
    More information in the slide deck below:

    This is for members only. If not yet a member please visit here to become a member.