Defining Legal Ops Career Path – Update #1

After a little bit of a hiatus, the project kicked off in earnest in mid-January 2024 with Marc May going through what the project was about, what deliverables we hope to get from it and the themes that will be discussed by the groups. It started somewhat later than expected (ironically because of some technical issues!) but people that joined were excited about the impact of the project.

Following on for that we split those involved in the project down into groups based primarily on geography. We thought it would be easier to get people together for calls if they were all on a fairly similar time zone. So we now have seven groups (one on US time zones, five on EMEA time zones and one on APAC time zones).

It has been great to see the number of people that wanted to get involved with the project (around 70) from all different settings including those legal ops professionals in law firms, in-house and in consultancies. Having this sort of diversity means we should get some good discussion with a broader set of viewpoints.

At time of writing a number of the groups have now started getting together for their intro calls before getting stuck into the first theme. The first theme focuses on what people consider to be ‘legal operations’ – it’s quite a broad topic to start but future themes will then taper down into specific areas (e.g. standardised career path, skills and pay banding).

If you’re still interested in getting involved but haven’t yet – please do get in touch with Marc May.

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