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Let’s Talk About Legal Ops!

For the rest of 2024 (and possibly beyond) we will be organising some fireside chat-style webinars on legal ops career-related topics. The key purpose of the talks will be to focus on a particular aspect and allow some discussion around it, whilst also allowing audience members to ask questions if they have any.

What is the aim of the talks?

The aim is for these webinars is to deliver some value (of course!) to those viewing them. It could be that listening to those speaking provides some impetus to breaking into legal ops or climbing further up the ladder. It could be that the talks provide inspiration to resolve issues faced by those working the space. For new entrants it could simply be a way of understanding what legal ops people do. Whatever it is, there will be something in there for everyone interested in legal ops as a career.

What is the structure?

The structure for each webinar will be one moderator and up to two guests. The moderator for at least the first couple will be Marc May, but there is nothing to stop members being able to moderate if there is a topic you’re particularly passionate about discussing.

What topics will be discussed?

The topics for each talk haven’t been set in stone yet but examples could include in any of the following:

– What does a legal ops role look like in-house/law firm/consultancy
– How does someone break into legal ops/career change into legal ops
– What is required to move from junior to manager role?
– What is required to move from manager to exec role?
– How to avoid being seen as a ‘non-lawyer’ or ‘nice to have’
– The value delivered by legal ops professionals
– Is it possible to create a standardised career path for legal ops?
– UK vs US viewpoints on legal ops careers

When will the first one be?

It’ll most likely be in May 2024 so watch this space!

Would you like to be a guest?

If you’d like to be a guest please reach out to Marc or contact us here.

Not yet a member? Feel free to become one here.

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