What skills do you need to be successful in eDiscovery?

There are many types of roles in eDiscovery which require different skill sets, however all eDiscovery professions have a good understanding of technology and its application to real world problems. Expertise in eDiscovery technology in particular is particularly important and eDiscovery professionals spend much of their operating specialised document review or data processing technology. Often eDiscovery experts have skills in digital forensics (examining digital artefacts – often on physical devices like laptops or mobile phones – to establish patterns of behaviour or specific activities), software development or scripting, and cyber security.

There are other skills which are useful to work in eDiscovery. Project management skills are helpful in managing the large budgets and deadlines within eDiscovery projects, as well as helping to provide timely reporting and clear responsibilities for the project. The ability to communicate complex technical concepts is vital to ensure understanding between the eDiscovery team, the legal team, and the end client. Legal experience and understanding of court rules and procedures is also extremely helpful in ensuring an eDiscovery project runs smoothly.

Written by Rachel McAdams (Senior Consultant at Sky Discovery)

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